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Hey there, I'm Gerty Nyiren. 

I help mums who are over forty and have to lose 6 stone or more.


I help them develop a good relationship with food by helping them unlearn their unhealthy habits, learn new healthy habits gradually so that they can sustain these changes. 


7 years ago...I was 17 stone, myself.

I know how it feels to be overweight, no confidence, envious of other women who were able to take control of their life by embarking on a weight loss journey. 




Rewind a few years back, I was 17 stone myself. I know how it feels to be overweight, governed by the extra weight, no confidence, envious of other women who were able to take control of their life by embarking on a weightloss journey.


I was just living life through the motions wishing and wondering how my life would be if I could only lose the weight.


A friends brutal honesty gave me the wake up call I needed, which helped me to take control of the choices i made, and lose 6 and a half stone.


I want to help other women who are where I was 7 years ago.

Just want to say thank you to Gerty!

She’s held my hand and been my accountability partner on my journey. I’m almost where I need to be and wouldn’t have achieved this without her. Much appreciated!


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My group coaching program is designed to easily incorporate healthier habits that can make a big difference over time.


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I’m currently 17 stone, 5 lbs after losing half a stone last week on my first week of deciding to take on Gertrude’s March into March challenge. This is the heaviest I have been and the thought of attempting another diet and trying to move was really daunting and had negative connotations for me.


However under Gertrude’s guidance I realised the joy in what she calls a lifestyle change not a diet and also her mantra of knowing your ‘why’.


She has taught me that when you understand your ‘why’ challenges are easily overcome and the journey becomes a joy. I have only been on this journey for a short while but I am loving it and enjoying the challenges and having the community of other ladies to journey with makes the burden lighter.


- Nomonde Dewu

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